This new route is based on one of our regular loops, and picks up the two hills that dominate the horizon when looking out over Ludlow Castle.

It’s a short ride in distance and isn’t too gnarly at all, but it’s also not an easy spin as some of the trails are poorly surfaced.  There’s also a fair bit of climbing, but the views are well worth it!  We reckon it’s an ideal ride to round off the season.

The final route for The Clees 2023  is above.

Sunday 22nd September 2024

  • Distance: 52Km
  • Off Road/Paved Split: 30%/70%
  • Total Climbing: 830m
  • Suitable for: Gravel Bike or Cross Country MTB
  • Registration: Open – see below
  • GPX download is available here (right click and ‘save link as’)

How to Register

Registering is a pretty simple process:

  1. Set up a free Strava account (if you don’t have one already)
  2. Join the Cross Cartel group (called a club in Strava)
  3. Scroll down to the The Clees event, and click on “I’m In” (you won’t be able to see the event in Strava until you join the Cross Cartel group)

About Cross Cartel Rides

Cross Cartel rides neither races nor traditional organised leisure rides. They are are similar to what were traditionally called “reliability trials”, where the objective or challenge is to complete a pre-determined route on a particular date within a time limit – but in our case the limit is all day and we have no set start time. The challenge is simply to ride a mapped route on a given day, at a time of your choosing. Go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable with!


You will need to be fully self sufficient – Cross Cartel rides are all self-supported on routes that are open to the general public, with no emergency back up or mechanical support of any kind. You need to take spares and supplies with you. There will be no rescue vehicle to collect you if you have a mechanical, so please make sure you take a mobile phone for any emergencies. You will need to call a friend to collect you or the emergency services in the event of a medical incident. And it is sensible to be insured – you don’t need race insurance, as our rides aren’t races, but public liability insurance is highly recommended.

The Cross Cartel has no responsibility for any incidents that occur during or as a result of your ride – you are solely responsible for your own actions and safety while riding our routes, whatever day you choose to ride them. The Cross Cartel do not provide ride support or event venues (with the exception of the Blaenau 600). Our routes are on public trails, tracks and paved roads. 

Please follow the Highway Code at all times when on the roads, and the Countryside Code when off road – and PLEASE close all gates and take litter home with you.  We are huge supporters of #leavenotrace.